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SEO. Another tool in our belt to help you manage and boost your own e-commerce application

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

SEO is without doubt an invaluable tool in the arsenal of the digital marketer and has been around long enough that there are various online learning sites offering courses spanning as early as 2012 for small business owners to personal bloggers alike. Large companies often have teams of people handling various aspects of SEO with some companies even assigning a handful of keywords to an individual to own, nurture and flourish into those sweet top rankings delivered by search engines.

We at Brandbuddiez have an easy and simple solution to empower your e-commerce site with the best SEO practices that guarantee top rankings in every related Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Our engine helps you to dynamically inject those keywords to various hierarchies of the product thereby always ensuring the search result is related to the search keyword. For example. There would be two separate search results from your e-commerce site if a user searches for "Frost free refrigerator" and for "Refrigerator under 45000 rupees" This level of targeting ensures relevant traffic is brought in while saving on those expensive keywords and advertising costs.

Another highlight of our SEO engine includes the use of schemas which search engines use to help them display the best search results. For example, Google uses schema (among other things) to help decide which pages are added to some carousels. Schema helps site owners direct Google to information on your site. Google then may use this information to display rich snippets in search results. For example, Google may use schema to understand the date a blog post was published and may choose to display that date in search results.

Your very own e-commerce site now gets empowered with SEO to bring the right users in, dynamically scale with the help of cloud capabilities to give users a seamless experience and gives you the ability to fulfill each order with the help of our inventory system by linking each SKU in your dealer network to a pin code.

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