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GO PHYGITAL or go home

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Now that Part 1 of million Dollar question has been answered i.e."When will this damn lockdown get over?", it's time to focus on part 2- HOW TO DRIVE SALES AFTER THE LOCKDOWN?

Today companies are saddled with multiple challenges like inventory,raw material, receivables & when market opens, there will be more to tackle like labor ,logistics etc. But above these, the biggest challenge will be to FIND CUSTOMER TO SELL.

It's safe to assume that even after lockdown, customer may not step out of home for some time. Hence digital/online will be crucial in coming months. Companies are aware of this & are augmenting resources accordingly.

But for most, online sales means selling through Flipkart & Amazon. Will this solve their market problem? Definitely not.Then what is the solution?

Today, most brands have good traffic on their sites-organically/paid media. Brands also have strong distribution network. So opportunity for brand is in converging their Digital & Physical strengths. Brands should look at generating sale from their own sites & fulfilling it through their own offline channels. This will help them to own customers as well as support trade during these challenging times.

GO PHYGITAL is the new mantra- Acquire Customer Online & fulfill through own Offline.

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